Crushing Content with Influencers Stefani Pollack and Scott Thomas

Crushing Content with Influencers Stefani Pollack and Scott Thomas

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What do a grilling enthusiast and a cupcake baker have in common? Well, other than the obvious food connection, they are also major influencers coming to NJAMC to show you how influencers do content.

“You can look at influencers in two ways,” says influencer Stefani Pollack. “Someone who can spread a message and someone who can create great content.”

These two goals aren’t always achieved by the same person, explains Pollack. “If they are, that person will charge lots of money! You can save money and have a very effective campaign by using the two groups separately.”

The Ingredients to Influence

Scott Thomas, Grillin’ Fools

Scott Thomas, Grillin’ Fools

Stefani’s blog, Cupcake Project, began in 2007 as a way of documenting her quest to master the cupcake in time to bake hundreds of cupcakes for a friend’s wedding. Meanwhile, Scott Thomas was preparing to start, which launched in 2008, as a means to write-off meat, charcoal, and the occasional grill.

Since then, Scott’s account (@grillinfools) has naturally grown to over 700,000 organic, authentic followers. Stafani’s Instagram account (@cupcakeproject) has grown from under 20,000 followers to over 400,000 followers in one year and currently has over 900,000 followers. 

The two influencers realized they had not only mastered their respective culinary crafts, but were also crushing Instagram. So, the pair co-founded Build Digital Marketing, a company focused on helping brands grow and sustain an Instagram audience. 

“My passion, which got me into this, was grilling and barbecue,” said Scott. “Then, sharing what I do with others so they don't make the thousands of mistakes that I have.” That goes for barbeque and social media.

Influencers as Content Creators

But influencers aren’t marketers, right? Wrong.

Stefani Pollack, Cupcake Project

Stefani Pollack, Cupcake Project

Influencers spend a large amount of their time not only creating, but curating content.

“It's the selection of that content that has made my page grow so quickly,” said Stefani. “I would think that everybody would want to know that.”

Oh, we do.

At NJAMC, Scott and Stefani won’t be telling you how to become an influencer. They’re here to tell you, a marketer, how to best utilize experts like themselves in your influencer marketing campaigns.

One tip: Pay micro-influencers who are strong content creators to create content and share it on their channels.

“Don’t tell them what to create,” says Scott. “Tell them your business goals and then talk to them about what content they think will resonate best. They live and breathe content every day and know which type of content will resonate and which won’t.”

Ready for more?

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We didn’t name our event Not Just Another Marketing Conference for nothing. This conference is for serious marketers looking to dig deep into topics that interest them and help them be better marketers.

Prepare for NJAMC

For the latest news on what Instagram is doing, Stefani suggests taking a look at’s blog while Scott recommends’s blog.

Is there more homework or specific posts Stefani/Scott would like us to reference?

What Questions Do You Have?

What influencer questions do you have as they relate to content and marketing? Leave them in the comments and we will answer every single one!

Join us at NJAMC to speak with the experts and reshape the way you and your team approach marketing in this new playing field.

You can also learn more about Stefani and Scott and ask them questions directly on their website,

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