Video Killed the Content Marketer

Video Killed the Content Marketer

Did you always want to be a kick-ass marketer when you grew up? Probably not. Like most of us, you probably had other dreams and along the way realized you were pretty good at this marketing thing and made a career out of it!

“I actually went to school for music,” confessed Michael Johnson, co-founder and Chief Creative at SLAM!, a digital storytelling and marketing agency based out of St. Louis and Miami.

Michael Johnson, SLAM!

Michael Johnson, SLAM!

“I have a music degree and wanted to get into audio production. It was easy to make the jump from audio production to video production, and it just opened up that world for me.”

Today, Michael has made his career telling stories of clients ranging from local small businesses to national non-profits.

Get Out of Your Head

Working in the video marketing world brings a unique perspective to content. For example, you want to make a video... but should the video you want to make even exist? Is there a reason to make it? 

“I feel like most people don't ask that question or they don't ask the next logical question, which is ‘who would even watch what it is that you want to make?’” said Michael.

You’ve got to ask yourself, “what is this accomplishing?” or “what's the goal?” said Michael. “A lot of times, people can't get out of their heads and into the head of the person that's actually going to watch and consume your content.”

So what do audiences want? Lately, content is getting even more specific and more niche, according to Michael.

The more specific you get with your content, the better.

Pretty Doesn’t Mean Good

Drop the bells and whistles. It doesn’t matter that you used the latest, most advanced technology or that your video is visually beautiful and technically perfect, explained Michael. If your message and content are not focused on what the viewer wants, you’re not going to have a successful piece of content.

Another lesson all marketers have learned (and will continue to learn when we forget) is that it’s not about us and what we want to say. It’s about the customer and what they want to hear. The same goes for video marketing.

“A lot of times, people are just yelling about themselves and they don't start with the customer or the person watching the video,” said Michael. “Leading with yourself can be an automatic shutdown for anybody watching.”

Ready for more?

Join us at our next Not Just Another Marketing Conference. Find details, buy tickets, and more here.

We didn’t name our event Not Just Another Marketing Conference for nothing. This conference is for serious marketers looking to dig deep into topics that interest them and help them be better marketers.

Back to Basics

Before you come to the conference and hear what Michael has to say about video marketing, you’ll want to do one thing: Forget what you think you know about it. It’s all about storytelling and focusing on your audience.

What Questions Do You Have?

What video marketing questions do you have as they relate to content and marketing? Leave them in the comments and we will answer every single one! Join us at NJAMC to speak with the experts and reshape the way you and your team approach marketing in this new playing field.

You can also learn more about Michael and ask him questions directly on his website,

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