We are dedicated to creating an inclusive community for St. Louis marketers to facilitate innovation, Education, and camaraderie.


“We are passionate about providing actionable, relevant information to educate and prepare marketers for topics and challenges they are not only facing today, but in the future.”

— Marisa Lather, Past President, ANA Business Marketing


Network & Grow

Learning and connecting is what' it’s all about. Stay up to day on what events are happening next and how you can be on your way to new information, perspectives, and opportunities.


“Our motto is ‘Learn, Network, Grow’ because that is the foundation upon which we are built and it continues to drive everything we do.”

— Stevi Schaetzel, President, ANA Business Marketing

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Education & Resources

Almost no industry pivots as quick as advertising and marketing, and keeping up with the latest tools and techniques is a challenge. Stay informed with ANA as we share action-oriented information guaranteed to leave you with knowledge to help drive your marketing strategy to the next level.

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Expand Your Footprint

Actively engage with the people shaping the future of marketing in St. Louis. There is no better place to build your network, meet new people, and expose yourself to new opportunities. This is where the “go-getters” are. We’ve got the stories to prove it!

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Build the Future of Marketing in St. Louis

Whether you’re a corporate marketer, living the agency life, or freelancing your way to success, spending time with enthusiastic, knowledgeable marketers promised to inspire and help you bring your marketing best to the table.


“This is your chance to get involved and shape the future of this thriving city. We bring together the best in St. Louis to make the connections needed to create change and growth.”

— Nick Szabo, Vice President, ANA Business Marketing